Give | Genorosity

Give | Genorosity
Lee Reams



When you hear the word “generous” what definitions or examples conjure in your mind? Often we associate the word generous with the act of giving. But to be generous in spirit does not merely refer to giving money or gifts. It is more than an act, it is a way of living your life. It is an expression of love. Generosity is a way for us to draw closer to God and escape the oppression of self-absorption.

To truly know what it means to be generous in spirit we only have to look to Jesus as our guide. Henri Nouwen (a 20th Century Dutch theologian, professor, and author) writes: “God is a god of abundance, not a god of scarcity. Jesus reveals to us God’s abundance when he offers so much bread to the people that there are twelve large baskets with leftover scraps (see John 6:5-15), and when he makes his disciples catch so many fish that their boat nearly sinks (Luke 5:1-7). God doesn’t give us just enough. God gives us more than enough: more bread and fish than we can eat, more love than we dared to ask for.”

Living with a generous spirit does mean to offer the bare minimum to just meet the needs of those around you. It means to give abundantly, as God gives. To lift-up others abundantly, to serve abundantly, to love abundantly.

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