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We believe that God created you to know Him and to make Him known to the world. This journey begins with a series of next steps. With each step toward a life devoted to Jesus is a step filled with hope and love. Compass wants nothing more than to walk, run , and soar with you as you grow the Kingdom of Heaven.


 Questions About Baptism

I was baptized before, should I be baptized again?

If you were baptized as a baby, child, or before you trusted in Christ, then yes, you should. If you were baptized as a believer elsewhere, you don’t have to be baptized again at Compass.

Do I need to have it all together before I’m baptized?

No—being baptized doesn’t mean you’re perfect. If you are trusting Christ for salvation, you’re ready to be baptized.

At what age should my child be baptized?

To be sure that the person being baptized fully understand his or her decision, we do not baptize children without their parent’s consent.

What if my family doesn’t approve of me being baptized?

Baptism is a personal choice between you and God to publicly share your story. If your family doesn’t approve or understand, we would love to talk to you about how to have a conversation with them.

Does baptism forgive my sins?

No—trusting Jesus forgives your sins. Your Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to trust Jesus.

What do I need to do in order to be baptized at Compass?

Sign up online, write your story (a staff member or volunteer will be there to guide you if you need assistance), and then attend Baptism Prep Class.


We weren’t created to do life alone. Being part of a group means having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God’s Word alongside. Getting plugged in with a Compass Group is a great place to start when looking to grow at Compass.


Everywhere you go at Compass, you’ll see people serving others. Through serving, you’ll help create welcoming environments where God can change lives. We all have different strengths and interests—find which serving opportunity is the best fit for you.

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Trust Jesus

Each of us is on a journey that’s racing towards eternity. We all have hopes and fears that pull us in different directions as we go through our lives. We believe that Jesus is the answer to both our present lives and our future lives. We only have one life and one eternity. What will you choose to do with Jesus?

Financial Stewardship

Our mission is to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. We believe it’s impossible to become a fully developed follower of Jesus without also becoming a fully developed steward of the financial resources God provides.

Fully following Jesus includes understanding how to handle God’s money, his way, for his glory.


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